La Commune (Paris, 1871). A lecture by Fabienne Liptay

In his book “Peuples exposés, peuples figurants” (2012), Georges Didi-Huberman asks the question of how to make of the image a „common place“. In regard to cinema, this entails overruling the „commonplace of images of the people“ that is usually occupied by the extras as backdrop of the hero’s story and replacing it by a […]

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“The Scattered Community of the Eclipsed”. Paradigms of Belonging in the Wake of the 2020 Pandemic

To face. To question one’s own presence towards what is present. Not giving up the potentiality for suspension that the event offers, but rather inhabit it fully. To form a community of the event, the scattered community of the eclipsed. The Film “The darkness of the eclipse” is a first fragment of a series presented by the Community of unfaithful echoes.

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What We Do With The Boundaries

The TV series What We Do In The Shadows, offers an interesting counterpoint to the concepts presented by Julia Kristeva through the use of incongruity theory of humor. The series addresses the instinctive border that is drawn through abjection and illustrates how through the clever use of genre conventions, abject images can become sterilized and even comedic. This serves to show that even the instinctual human distinction between the self and the other is malleable through art.

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