Potent Collectivities: Aesthetics of Solidarity. A lecture by Jeremy Gilbert

A key feature of neoliberal culture has been its systematic inhibition of the emergence, survival and empowerment of ‘potent collectivities’ on any scale: from socially functional neighbourhoods to national political movements to transnational networks of solidarity. Democracy itself might be described as the potentiation of complex collectivities; and the directly anti-democratic, anti-social nature of neoliberalism had […]

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«The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is: it’s to imagine what’s possible» – A lecture by Marc Streit

«With my initiatives I intend to gather people and foster real encounters – collective experiences. I consider art as a metaphorical exile, a place of resistance and action, that can and should create new perspectives and new meanings. I understand myself as a connecter, collaborator, organizer, contextualizer, producer, and host in the field of contemporary […]

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Webinar Theater und Communitas #1: Gob Squad’s “Show Me A Good Time”

Wie kann eine Performance die ständige mediale Vernetztheit aufgreifen, die unsere menschlichen Beziehungen seit Beginn der Pandemie verstärkt bedingt? Wie wirkt sich die Digitalität auf die Erfahrung der Präsenz und des Miteinanderseins im Theater aus? Diese und noch andere Fragen haben wir im Webinar Theater und Communitas mit Aenne Quiñones, stellvertretende künstlerische Leiterin des HAU Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin und Herausgeberin des Buches «Gob Squad. What Are You Looking At?» (Alexander Verlag, Berlin, 2020), besprochen.

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