Towards an Aesthetics of Common/s: Beyond Participation and its Post

What is produced in the process beyond the community and the social? And what material and discursive results are created by participatory practices and artworks? Magda Tyżlik-Carver looks at Yoko Ono’s Cut Pieces and at the social sphere of social media to consider what aesthetics of common/s might be in a post-participatory age.

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Threshold: Arts in Times of Crisis. An Online Exhibition of the Performa Biennale

While the coronavirus still rages in the US, the Performa Biennale reacts to the current climate of crisis by devoting a free online exhibition to it. In “Threshold. Arts in Times of Crisis”, art works from the five last decades, including performance video recordings or pieces of video art, are broadcasted live 24 hours a day in a loop on the Biennale’s free access page.

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