Transindividuality in Contemporary Dance and Performance. A lecture by Ana Vujanović.

In her lecture from November 9, 2016, Ana Vujanović discusses the idea of transindividuality (Gilbert Simondon, Paolo Virno, Jason Read) as a way of thinking the relationship between the community and the individual. She focus on several dance and performance works that she uses to identify the choreographic strategies of the composition of this space in between and to consider for broader socio-political and everyday perspectives.

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A Metonymic Community. Towards Poetics Of Contingency

In his 2001 book with the programmatic title Community: Seeking Safety in an Insecure World, Zygmunt Bauman sketches in an almost stereotypical way a concept of community, one that not only seems to be far away, sunken into history, but that, for all that we know, might never actually have existed: a community that is […]

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