Performing in the Urgency of the Now. An Interview with Colectivo LASTESIS

Since their performance Un violador en tu camino went viral in 2019, the Chilean feminist collective LASTESIS is committed to spreading their ideas, theses, and practices of resistance through performances, both in public space and in art institutions around the world. In 2021, the collective published the manifesto Quemar el Miedo (Burn your Fear) where they outline a queerfeminist and decolonial critic of patriarchal violence based on Latin American experiences of women and gender dissident persons and declare bodies and performance as the central means of transnational resistance. At the festival Theater Spektakel in Zurich, LASTESIS gave a 4-day workshop and staged their performance RESISTENCIA o la reivindación de un derecho colectivo (RESISTANCE or the vindication of a collective right) with more than 30 local participants.

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