The 3/2021 issue of Pamiętnik Teatralny on “Theater and Communitas” curated by Dorota Sajewska is now available online!

The Polish theater journal Pamiętnik Teatralny 3/2021 has just published a thematic block curated by Dorota Sajewska under the title “Theater and Communitas”. In close collaboration with the SNF project “Crisis and Communitas. Performative Concepts of the Communal in Polish Culture since the Beginning of the 20th Century,” this is devoted to the negotiation of communality from the perspective of the performative arts, using the example of concrete productions, specific theater groups, or in the conceptualization of current challenges. The thematic issue includes contributions by Sandra Biberstein, Louise Décaillet, Kai Padberg, Dorota Sajewska, Nina Seiler and Dorota Sosnowska.

The 3/2021 issue is now available online and you can read full texts here:

Toward Theatrical Communitas | Dorota Sajewska
A Reading of Community | Nina Seiler

Picture:Anne Imhof, “Sex. Performance view”, Eliza DouglasTate Modern, London, 2019Photo Nadine Fraczkowski