Call for Papers for the International Seminar, “People of the Cold War World: Refugees, Émigrés, and Displaced Persons”

The Ural Institute of Humanities is proud to announce a call for papers for the international seminar on the problem of refugees, émigrés and displaced persons during the Cold War. The seminar will be held on 30 November 2020.

The Cold War is not only the period of confrontation between the two superpowers, international crises and nuclear arms race. In fact, the Iron Curtain affected the conciousness of individual people, their mindset and behaviour patterns. People of the Cold War period often had to make uneasy choices and take life-changing decisions in the most extreme conditions and circumstances. Sometimes, as a result of such decisions, they were forced to leave their homes, flee their countries and stay in refugee camps. The seminar focuses on such figures of this period of geopolitical tension as refugees, ‘displaced persons’ and émigrés.

The seminar is seeking submissions related to the following topics:

  • People of the Cold War world: attitudes and values;
  • From World War II to the Cold War: the roots of the problem of refugees and ‘displaced persons’;
  • Diplomacy of the Cold War era: the problem of refugees and ‘displaced persons’ and the search for its solutions;
  • The second wave of emigration from the USSR and international migration flows of the Cold War period

Languages: English, Russian.
The seminar will be held on-line.
To participate in the seminar, please send your personal details (name, degree, position, contact information) and abstracts (not more than 1 thousand characters) to the following e-mails: and Submission deadline: 1 October 2020.