Jean-Luc Nancy talks about his new book «Un trop humain virus» (Bayard, 2020)

The French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy will be joining BRAKC for an online event on 17 December 2020 at 2pm (GMT). The discussion will start around Nancy’s new book Un trop humain virus (Bayard, 2020), and will then widen to other themes relevant to research on the aesthetics of community.

Nancys philosophical interests are multiple and he has published widely. His work on community (see La communauté désoeuvrée, 1983), is of particular relevance to the concerns of BRAKC. Nancy’s latest book analyses coronavirus as a deconstructive agency within Western civilisation.

Nancy will be in conversation with a panel comprising Dr Irving Goh (National University of Singapore), Dr Ian James (University of Cambridge), Dr Rémi Astruc (University of Paris-Seine), Dr Nathalie Wourm (Birkbeck, University of London).

The event will be in French but a link will be provided to access simultaneous automated translation. All welcome, no need to register.

The event will be recorded and posted on the BRAKC website for those who cannot attend the live session.